We work all together in taking care of our planet!


Organising sustainable events is not just a challenge, it is a necessity.

An event is not sustainable or ecological if certain measures are implemented during its course. The complete value chain has to be involved, from providers to the final client.

At AM Conferences & Meetings we consider the use of proximity products, provide for waste management, reuse of materials, recycling, we propose actions for carbon footprint compensation of our events.

Our clients are not only satisfied with the event itself; they will be proud of the awareness created for the environment and the society.

Since our beginnings, we have been aware of the importance of establishing control systems to monitor our impact on the environment, guaranteeing the highest business ethics, internal and supplier sustainability and appropriate labour policies. For this purpose, we voluntarily submit ourselves to the audits of the ECOVADIS platform, ensuring that we continue to implement improvements every year, contributing to a more ethical, sustainable and fair world.